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Working together to solve homelessness in Abbotsford, BC.

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“To this day, I feel I’m in control,” he says. “Health-wise, mind-wise, I’m getting back. I can’t see a single negative side to this. They’ve all been so helpful to me, I can’t believe it. I’m ready to go back to work.”

“Nobody is going to hire you if you don’t have a place. They can’t even get a hold of you because you don’t have a phone. Now I’ve got both and don’t just get to work, I get to do something that I want to do.”

“Often, they’re less trouble than regular tenants. The At Home people pay their rent on time and they are coached on how to live in harmony with their neighbours.”

“Since the Bosman opened up and we’ve been tracking statistics in that community, calls have gone down.”