About Us

We are a non-profit society in Abbotsford concerned about the current state of homelessness of some of our residents and committed to find solutions.

We have representation from private citizens, business leaders and the homeless community.

This is a nonpartisan and secular group of individuals committed to the common goal of improving the lives of the most in need in our community.

View our Abbotsford Dignitarian Society presentation here.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the society is to educate and create community partnerships to further solutions to homelessness.

To enhance human dignity and respect for all in Abbotsford and the Fraser Region by encouraging and providing housing solutions for all regardless of religious belief, substance use, addiction, illness, disability, economic disadvantage, criminal record and health status both physical and mental.

For more information about Abbotsford Dignitarian Society, please email info@abbotsfordhomeless.com