Constitution & Members

Our Constitution

  1. The name of the society is THE ABBOTSFORD DIGNITARIAN SOCIETY   (“the society”)
  1. The Purpose of the Society is:
  • The purpose of The Society is to consult with all stakeholder groups with regard to the social and economies issues of homelessness and to promote  and advocate solutions to homelessness.
  • The further purpose of the society is to implement solutions to homelessness including the raising of funds, entering into contracts, and  purchasing of assets, which could include the creation of structured  camping areas which would provide services and amenities for residents.
  • The further purpose of the society is to educate and create community  partnerships to further solutions to homelessness.
  • To enhance human dignity and respect for all in Abbotsford and the Fraser  Region by encouraging and providing housing solutions for all regardless of religious belief, substance use, addiction, illness, disability, economic  disadvantage, criminal record and health status both physical and mental.
  • To develop, implement, promote housing options for marginalized persons in homelessness or at risk of homelessness through multiple strategic approaches to respond to the spectrum of housing needs.
  1. Society Principles           

It shall be an unalterable provision of this society that in the event of windup or dissolution of this society that all remaining assets would be transferred only to a society with current charitable status designated   by the customs and Revenue Agency of this Government of Canada.

Our Board

Jeff Gruban, President 
Doug Smith, Vice President
Nancy Gallagher, Secretary
Brian Pierson, Treasurer

Our Members

Harvey Clause
Bob King
Gerry Palmer
Ward Draper
Fae Bentley
Kayla Feenstra
Ruth Jansen
Paul MacLeod