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The Abbotsford Dignitarian Society is a community response to what we fundamentally believe to be a community problem – homelessness.

With $10,000 in seed money from the Abbotsford Downtown Business Association (ADBA) we started our journey with the intention of bringing community members, citizens and organizations together to come up with solutions.

We hope this website will become a clearing house of sorts which will allow us to connect the needs of the homeless with the members of the community who can answer those needs.

We are desperately trying avoid having the community’s generosity express itself through random acts of kindness which can cause more problems than they solve. Dropping of old couches, bags of food or unwanted clothing at homeless camps through the city leads to garbage, health and safety problems which we hope to resolve by providing a means of controlling donations of items and time.

Please contact us about ways you can help. As our organization grows and our funding allows for it, our organization hopes to be able to provide drop off opportunities and a number of avenues for your giving to get to the appropriate place and person.

There are a number of ways in which you help and become part of the solution.

  • Current needs – visit our website regularly in order to keep track of our current needs and, if you are able, help us solve some of them. These items will range from the small and the simple – lost items, items of clothing, tools, a ride to the doctor’s office, to the more complex – help moving, access to information which will help our members find services, pieces of building material, or any of the thousands of things that make up daily life but which our members may have no way of accessing.
  • Food – Food is a daily need which our members have particular difficulty finding due their circumstances. While a variety of organizations are trying to address the fact that our members do not have access to even one reliable meal every day, coordinating and providing those meals is an enormous and urgent need for our members.
  • Water – Clean potable water is another daily need our members find very difficult to access and a life-or-death problem for many. If you are able to provide safe, reliable clean water your generosity will always be appreciated.
  • Clothes – Especially in times of cold or inclement weather our members are often saddled with the old and often unsuitable clothing they happen to own. Items of clothing which will help keep people dry and warm are always appreciated.
  • Clean up – We will occasionally be arranging clean ups of some of the homeless sites around the City and can always use help in doing so. Watch the website for announcement of any upcoming clean ups.
  • Volunteering – From transportation to labour, any time which can be provided to help us with our mission to find solutions to homelessness is appreciated tremendously. We always have ongoing projects, jobs, and things which need to be done with no one to do them. If you are able to donate some of your time it will be greatly appreciated.
  • Information – We are constantly seeking the latest information on projects of a similar nature and solutions which are being found around the world for some of the problems we face right here at home. If you have access to or stumble across information you think we can use, please forward it to. We are learning every day and we need to know all there is to know about what we are doing.
  • Money – We are always in need of money. If you are unable to donate with your time, services, expertise or with specific items, or, if you simply prefer to help with a donation of cash, no matter how large or how small, we will most definitely find a way to use your donation in a meaningful fashion. It is up to you if you want to donate anonymously or allow us to thank you publicly by publishing your name. Our members are extremely thankful for any help they receive and would like to thank donors individually and publicly but that is not a requirement.

To donate online, please click the green “donate here” button below to go to a secure donation site, Canada Helps.

If you would prefer to donate by cheque, please contact for information.

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